We do one thing and we do it right. Although called different things we only provide resale certificates. Our trained staff has been doing this one thing for years. We know how it's done and we make the process as quick and easy as possible for you. Our streamlined application ensures we only collect the information we need once. Every step of the way are tool tips explaining the more complex questions relieving the stress that's associated with completing government applications. We take care of the government weeds and get you what you need quickly, a resale certificate. We also pride ourselves on security. All sensitive information collected is encrypted with bank level, 256-bit encryption ensuring your data is safe.

Tax Resale Certificate

  • * Valid tax resale certificate number within 5 business days (most of the time sooner)

  • * Digital or physical certificate mailed to your address

  • * Unlimited E-Mail support form our knowledgeable staff

  • * Simplified and streamlined application forms

  • * Bank level, 256-bit encyrption on all sensitive information
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