Don’t Do A StartUp

If You Answer Yes To The Following Questions

Daydreams Are Not Realities

The Startup world looks so glamorous from the outside. Stories of spunky young entrepreneurs who go on to change the world have now reached mythical proportions. One could even argue that the Startup is the new American Dream. However, many new businesses fail because their owners are chasing fantasies and ignoring cold hard facts. These are the questions you must ask yourself to better understand if you are ready to enter the game.

Are You A Perfectionist?

Perfectionists often can not see the forest for the trees and this can be deadly for a Start-up. The truth of the matter is that often you have to move forward in conditions that are far from perfect. Waiting for things to be perfect will cost you heavily in missed opportunities. Also, perfection itself is illusory. What is perfect for the market today can change in a couple of years or even months.

Are You Afraid To Fail?

There is no true failure in the Startup world. Instead, every failure should always be viewed as an opportunity for success. If you are the type of person who can not immediately bounce back from a tough fall, then you probably will not be successful in a Start-Up environment. You have to take every setback as an experience to learn and grow.

Do You Think You Need To Sell An Idea?

The problem is the word “sell”. In this instance, it is referring to having to manipulate someone into buying your product or service. A truly innovative idea does not need to be finagled for it to be palatable to consumers. Customers that feel manipulated into a purchase will not usually be going back for repeat business. You have to be confident that your product or service can stand on its own and that its value will be obvious to the end-user

Do You Need Permission To Move Forward?

We are conditioned our whole lives to not take the next step without asking for permission. When we are in school we must raise our hand and when we work for someone else, we must be authorized by superiors before making a bold move. Most successful Startups are managed by people with a true independent mindset. These people chafed at traditional school or work environments and needed to be free to pursue their own goals. If you are someone that needs the support and security of a traditional work environment then the challenges of a Startup will make you feel anxious and fatigued.

Are You Unable To Motivate Yourself?

When people think of successful startups, they often are only able to envision the end product. The public is often not privy to the years of blood, sweat, and tears it took to get to that point. It is like thinking that a house just magically appears one day and not realizing the time and effort it took to:

  • Buy the land
  • Get the permits
  • Hire an architect
  • Print out blueprints
  • Pour the foundation
  • Put up the structural support
  • Build the roof
  • Attach the Drywall
  • Put in good quality finishes

You have to possess a tremendous drive and passion to get the result. It does not magically appear and you will have to deal with many unexpected curveballs along the way. A Startup is quite similar. The end product is obtained only through years of sacrifice. If you do not have the motivation to keep moving then it is better not to begin in the first place.

Not Everyone Is A Good Fit For A StartUp

Beginning a Startup is exciting but it also comes with tons of risk. You must understand what motivates you as a person before you undertake any type of risky endeavor. You need to analyze what is important to you and what are your attitudes about money, motivation, security, and stability. It is always important to know yourself before anyone can achieve any real sort of success.

Being An Entrepreneur Is Hard Work

No doubt being a successful entrepreneur will require hard work and dedication. However, the younger generations are no stranger to working several jobs and/or side hustles and still barely making enough money to pay the bills. This is not a comfortable life and will quickly wear anyone down. Comparatively, you will be working hard in your own business but it will feel much more worthwhile. The money will be much more satisfying and you will be motivated and challenged in a whole new way.

The American business landscape is rapidly changing. Many people are turning to self-employment as a means of earning income and doing something that they love. There is a great opportunity today for someone to be their boss and start a company even if they do not have a great deal of money. However, being self-employed can be quite challenging when it comes to taxes. That is why we have composed a listing of tax deductions that smart self-employed people can not afford to miss.

Getting A Tax Resale Certification Is One Of The Best Things You Can Do As An Entrepreneur

If you decide to start a business, a tax resale certificate can save you money on taxes.

In short, a tax retail certificate allows you not to pay sales tax on items that you plan to resell. This can also apply to supplies that are going to be used in products that you will resell, such as wood for a cabinet.

However, the process can be difficult and the rules are different for each state. That is why TaxResaleCertificate should do all the hard work for you. We can make sure that you get all the advantages of a tax resale certificate without having to deal with the hassle of government red tape. Let us handle the hard stuff so you can proceed to run your business with confidence. Make sure you check out our second blog in this series so you can learn even more valuable information about tax resale certificates.